Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where to meet sketchy people?

Just hang around at a train station, and you'll soon be greeted by people of all sorts of personality.

From the picture, those two drunk guys (green shirt and blue/white stripe shirt) were trying to hit on two girls who were sitting next two me earlier. The whole scene was rather funny, as I could see that one of them wasn't really interested and was trying to find her way out of the situation. Whereas the other friend was and maybe I guess thought the situation was rather funny and decided to entertain the guy. The picture is when they were both trying to play with this thing they were kicking around and was disturbing some of the people around. The security asked them to keep it down low. From what I heard, they are from Estonia. I also heard his whole life story when the guy in stripe was talking to those two girls, which some content are not safe to mention in this blog.

Ah, the drama and entertainment you get from waiting at a train terminal.

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