Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good luck, Hans!

The thought of sharing a 4 bed cabin on a 16 hour long ferry trip can be quite scary. You never know who's going to be sharing the room with you, how is he like, what are his sleeping method, is he one of those football hooligans traveling with a big group or could he be someone, like me, traveling alone in a foreign land?

Fortunately for me, in a 4 bed cabin, I only have the pleasure to share it with Hans. It was just the two of us, perfect for the tiny cabin. Hans is from Frankfurt-Germany. He has been cycling from Frankfurt to Sweden and is on his way to Helsinki for a few days before making his way back to Frankfurt. Hans is not a professional cyclist, but he is a bicycle enthusiast and is cycling just for the fun of it.

I admire the strong will of people like Hans. He has suffered from brain attacks (not sure what the correct medical term is, but it is like having a heart attack in the brain) and is lucky to had survived that, but he still has the strength to cycle. However, age has been creeping up to Hans and this will be his last big cycling trip. Hans is 62.


Suhaila said...

Wow! You have cellphone access on the ferry? I thought we won't hear from you until you get to Helsinki!

Giggle Giggly said...

Yeah it's really cool with all these technologies!!! Stay in touch!