Thursday, June 12, 2008


After many days of eating the same tasteless Nordic cuisine, I decided to give in and went for some good old South East Asian food at a food court in the basement floor of Kamppi Center. The menu they had at Singapore Hot Wok was rather ambitious. There were Mamak Mee Goreng, Beef Kway Teoy, Char Kway Teoy, Nasi Goreng and some other small items. I decided to go for the Char Kway Teoy instead, as that's one of the most difficult dish to achieve outside of SEA, in my opinion.

Surprisingly, the result was really good! And no, it is not a decision based on hunger or that my taste bud have taken the like of bland, salty food, but it was purely because the ingredient was right and the spices added was the perfect touch. They even make their own sambal belacan! Syok!

(I was even sweating at the end)

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Giggle Giggly said...

Syok! Have not heard that in a while.