Friday, June 20, 2008


Everything on my journey was going smoothly till I met this guy. First, he arrived at Tromso in the middle of the night the day before (I did not know this as I was already asleep), but the reception was closed for check in and the girl in my room suggested he stayed in our room as we had an extra bed. But all night long, he was snoring so loud and I could hear the girl above me tossing and turning, trying to get some sleep. I was also awaken by his loud snore and put on my earphones instead.

The next day, I was stuck with him in Tromso for half the day, tried to give hints and suggestions that I need to be alone, but still he decided to tagged along with me. I couldn't come up with an excuse as I didn't have anything planned myself, and it was his first day at Tromso. Fortunately, he found something else to do and I was happy that I finally get to roam around freely.

However, I found out that we were going to the same direction the next morning. I tried to sneak out earlier, but got caught at the end. Our bus ride together was fine as he was busy photographing the scenery while I tried to catch some sleep. It was 6.30 in the morning.

It wasn't till we parted way that things starts to fell apart. We stopped at a town to drop off passengers to the Lofoten. He suggested I take the same bus with him to the Lofoten (I was going there too but to a different town and I had obtained a different itinerary from the tourist info center) and should ask the bus driver if there's a connection to the town I was going. That wasn't a bad plan as I was doubting the journey made for me at the tourist center. There was only one minute to spare between connections and he was ahead of me trying to pay for his ride, and it took him forever to get out off the way. I started to panicked as my bag was in the other bus, and he was about to leave and yet I didn't get a chance to ask the other driver if he was going to my destination as well. Finally I decided to stick to my original route to Narvik.

Now I'm stuck at Narvik, waiting in a mall till my next bus arrives as the bus driver suggested I take the express bus at a later hour, and it's cheaper. Now I won't get to the Lofoten till late night. And buses stops running within the island after 7.00. I'll have to take a taxi to my final destination.

You can call it bad luck, bad karma or just plain unlucky that we were going to the same direction, I still blame him for everything and for doubting myself.

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