Sunday, June 8, 2008

Silja Line: Stockholm - Helsinki

I finally got my overnight ferry ticket to Helsinki for Monday evening for 236kr with a Eurail pass. Part of this blog is not just a record of my trip but also a guide for those who are just as curious to how I find my way around places.

Getting the ticket on a Sunday wasn't that easy as the office in downtown Stockholm was closed. So I went to the tourist information center in Kunstragarden and found out I can take the No.1 bus to where the ferry is and get the ticket there instead. There are two companies Silja and Viking, that serves traveler back and forth between Stockholm-Helsinki or Talinn, but I had a Eurail pass with me, thus I was limited to the Silja Line ferry.

So I took the 1 bus from Kungsgatan and stopped at Sandhamnsplan. The bus final stop is Frihamnen, but when I stopped the bus driver at Sandhamnsplan, he told me I need to get off the last stop. After looking at the map and telling him where I need to go, he realized that I was right and can walk to the ferry from Sandhamsplan. And it is a quick walk, about 5 minutes (if you don't make any mistake of not looking at the map first). Once off the bus, make your way back, cross the street and there's a path through a park that will get you to the ferry line.

It was actually a good idea for me to make the trip out there because it will make my journey to the ferry a much easier one tomorrow.

Oh, when taking a bus in Stockholm, remember to get your ticket in advance at newspaper kiosk or the tourist center. A single ticket for 30kr is valid for an hour. So keep that with you!

*Picture above is the City Hall of Stockholm. Apart from where city council meetings are held, the hall inside is also where the annual Nobel prize is held. The city hall overlooks the water.

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