Friday, June 6, 2008

Lunchtime for Cheap

I don't know much about Danish food, except for the cheese or lemon danish I get from Au Bon Pain occasionally. But I read that they have this specialty called smorrebrod, which is basically a spread of ingredient like salmon, chicken or beef with some greens, tomatoes and mayo on top of a thin slice of bread. It is considered a leisurely lunch where you have to sit down and eat it.

Anyway, while walking along a unknown street I stumbled upon this basement cafe which sells it and decided to check it out. When I walked in, there were chinese people handling the food service, and I was a bit skeptical at first but then I was really hungry at that point, so I decided to get the food there anyways. (There were some danish looking people in there having lunch which gave me some comfort on buying the food there)

Before I walked in, I actually heard them conversing in Cantonese, and I think the lady owner was surprised when I asked her what to recommend for lunch in Cantonese. She suggested the bun here (pictured above), which is somewhat similar to a smorrebrod (although she said its not), but it's more convenient to have it take away. So I went for that and with drinks from a neighboring convenience store, it all costs only 43kr. And I have my own leisurely lunch in a nearby park for less than 10 dollars.

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