Saturday, June 28, 2008

Whale anyone eat me?

So I had the pleasure to try some smoked whale meat here in Norway. The picture shows the species I had and I think the english name for it is Lesser Rorqual or commonly known as the Minke Whale. As for the meat, it is brown to almost black, very similar to the smoked reindeer meat available in this region and it had the texture and taste of ham with a hint of salmon. I have not seen fresh whale meat in the market and am not sure why. Maybe it is not the season to catch whale and I'm sure the smoked meat they are selling now were caught during the winter months and thus were smoked to preserve its longevity. Would I have it again? I'm not sure. It is legal in Norway to hunt whale commercially but there's always a guilty feeling of eating anything exotic or illegal in other countries.

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