Wednesday, July 2, 2008

World Travelers

I really don't understand why certain people who travels to foreign countries expect the same quality, service and quantity that they do back in their home country in a cafe or restaurant. We all know the value or the euro againsts other currency right now, but why complain when you already know it is going to costs you xxx amount. The one good thing in Europe is that prices are readily displayed for the consumers. There's no hidden tax costs or any additional service charges (except for certain conditions) that will change the displayed prices. As for service, most Europeans enjoy their leisure time. You don't have to rush to order your food when you're sitting down waiting for the server to assists in your order, and you're not expect to leave right after you've finished your meal. I think some of you would know who I'm speaking of so I'll just leave it to your wild imagination. People are hard to understand.

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