Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Amalfi Coast: IV

My last stop at the Amalfi Coast is Atrani before heading up north to Roma. Unlike the bigger town of Amalfi next door, Atrani is small, yet it is full of life. From its facade, you might think that Atrani is a sleepy town, but hidden behind those thick walls are narrow secret passageways and steps leading to different parts of the town as well as paths leading to Amalfi; this is where the energy of Atrani can be found. From within this passageways, you may find people catching up about their day, donkeys carrying loads up the steps and small piazzas where children plays. There is of course a main piazza where the locals would gather during the night, but life during the day takes place inside the labyrinth of Atrani. I'm glad Amalfi is getting its full attention from the tourists because that leaves Atrani to be appreciated as it should be, a hidden gem.

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