Thursday, July 3, 2008

Me and my bike

I had a few hours left in Berlin and rented a bike for a little stroll around the city. It was a great ride visiting sites I didn't have the chance to see before. Actually the guy who rented the bike was really nice. Not sure if he has the best price as I didn't get to shop around but it was near the hostel I was staying and even though I only rented it for 3 hours, he was very flexible with the time (an hour late was fine) I have to return the bike. He also owns a small cute cafe and its where I rented the bike. Overall it have been great fun!

1 comment:

freelancer said...

are you going to get bike when you are back in Boston?
You know, I will hook you up for nice bike...
by the way, this bike is very cute!
I wish I could see you riding this bike!