Saturday, July 5, 2008

My view: Off to Santorini

Getting to and getting around the greek island is such a pain in the ass. It pays to book early, but online booking has a surcharge of 25 euro and there were no availability for the Sunday ferry I had planned. And online booking has to be done four days in advance. Instead I had to do an overnight ferry on Saturday and through a travel agency. The ticket for deck seat costs only 30 euro (one way) but its an overnight ferry, so for that price you don't get a cabin, which is why I'm lying on the floor to get some shut eye. Another tip, travel agent can charge up to a maximum of 5 euros per ticket for service, so ticket prices may vary. My return ticket from Santorini to Athens costs 27.50 euro and I bought that from a different agency, however it is also a different ferry company.

My next task is getting to Italy from Greece. There's no way any of the ferry from Santorini could connect with the ferry to Italy (the port is 4 hours away from Athens), so I'll be staying in Athens for another night when I get back. There also seems to be limited availability on that ferry (which is surprising-are there really that many people travelling to Italy? It is a huge ferry!) From the advice of the travel agent I talked too, I might have to go straight to the port and get a deck seat. So another long journey ahead.

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